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Andy Rich | BizDev3.0 | Philadelphia, PA

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Mike Montague interviews Mark Herschberg, author of Career Toolkit: Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You, on How to Succeed at Creating a Toolkit. From tracking criminals and terrorists on the dark web to creating marketplaces and new authentication systems, Mark has spent his career launching and developing new ventures at startups and Fortune 500s and in academia.


Find Mark and the book at: 

In this episode:


  • The best attitude, behavior, and technique on how to succeed at creating a toolkit
  • What a toolkit is
  • You only have to be, “ok”
  • Keep getting incrementally better
  • Learn to negotiate
  • Create peer learning groups
  • Don’t try to sell me and tell me it’s networking
  • True networking is relationship building
  • How Mark defines success
  • Mark’s favorite quotes








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