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Andy Rich | BizDev3.0 | Philadelphia, PA

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Microlearning lessons are sharp and concise, making it easy to revisit lessons as needed to reinforce new behaviors, attitudes and techniques, a critical factor for long-term change. Here are five reasons today’s human resource professionals are turning to microlearning, and specifically to Sandler’s strategic partner, Grovo.

  1. Not all employees are identical. HR professionals know that not all the organization’s people need the same training or content. They understand that the company is made up of individuals with individual needs. Microlearning allows them to provide targeted content, based on specific learning requirements.
  2. Compliance is easier and more effective with microlearning. HR teams are using microlearning to cover essential topics like safety, sexual harassment, diversity awareness, and how to comply with relevant government regulations. Our partner Grovo is taking a modern approach to compliance training by focusing on addressing root cause behaviors instead of the compliance requirements themselves. Their Microlearning format delivers the key learning points in a powerful, memorable, and effective way – and protects the enterprise from a compliance standpoint.
  3. Microlearning allows you to serve young learners more effectively. Just delivering content isn’t enough. We want people to be engaged, to be motivated to interact with that content, and, ultimately, to be able to feel they own it and can implement it in their day-to-day jobs. Younger learners have been shown to respond well to microlearning, largely because it’s self-paced, mobile, and rapid. So as your organization’s age demographics change, it’s going to be more and more important to make microlearning part of your learning and development strategy.
  4. You can easily standardize using a single supplier. The massive Grovo library of microlearning topics offers a consistent, standardized approach covering a staggering variety of content areas – everything from leadership to compliance, from diversity to project management, from effective communication to the Sandler Selling System. There are thousands of engaging, mobile-friendly video lessons – all consumable in bite-size chunks, and all delivered to a consistently high standard of quality. Being able to consolidate these different learning resources from a single source saves both time and money.
  5. Microlearning adapts to the life of the employee. Because microlearning allows so many options, you can easily create customized learning plans that match up with specific career paths. As employees go into different jobs, you can assign different microlearning modules based on their current job function and projected advancement. When people are hired, you can assign onboarding topics. When they go into a front-line role, you can assign topics that are relevant to that initial role. When they go into supervision, you can quickly and easily assign supervision-based lessons that fit like a glove with the new role. When they go into leadership, you can assign leadership lessons. And so on. The customization paths are endless, but the point is simple. HR professionals can now incorporate powerful microlearning tools to create truly effective training plans that support the employee in today's job, and get the employee ready for tomorrow's job. This is, after all, the mission of HR, and it’s one of the big reasons we are seeing adoption rates that suggest microlearning is here to stay as a resource for HR professionals.

To learn more about Sandler and Grovo’s microlearning partnership, contact us!


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