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Andy Rich | BizDev3.0 | Philadelphia, PA

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Inspired by the transformation that we’ve all seen firsthand in the sales industry over the last few years – from the disruptions of virtual selling and remote work to innovative companies and technologies bringing new alignment between buyers and sellers - Sandler is excited to announce our commitment to further champion the next evolution of sales.

Throughout our 50-year history, Sandler pioneered the concepts of discovery-based, consultative selling, reinforcement training, and a holistic view of personal and professional success in sales and leadership. It has always been a part of our journey to empower professionals to master the craft of selling, with the ultimate goal of changing the entire sales profession for the better.

It is with that vision that we are rebranding our company to better align with the expectations of modern buyer and seller, serve our clients with innovative learning technologies and methodologies, and continue our evolution as an organization offering more than “training.”

Along with our new look and name, we seek to reestablish the core elements that we believe elevate the Sandler experience above our competition and drive results for our clients, our partners, and our learners. Core elements include:

  • Connection with the Modern Buyer: A buyer-focused discovery process to create more engaging experiences for buyers and sellers.
  • Customizable Learner Journeys: Personalized for individual’s strengths and goals. • Collaborative Coaching: Modernized delivery with a blend of experiential learning, gamification, and flexible pacing. • Ongoing Reinforcement: Continuous guidance for new professional and life stages.
  • Technology-Enabled Solutions: Adaptive content and techniques for evolving technologies.
  • Personal Transformation: Lasting behavior and change to succeed in and outside of the sales profession.

Our mission is to provide ongoing guidance and resources to enable anyone in a revenue-generating or leadership role to reach new levels of success. As a coaching organization to sales professionals around the globe, we know that our journey is never done. We respect our history and continue to learn from it.

We hope that you will join us in taking the next steps forward in the evolution of the sales profession; in the elevation of your career; and to ultimately excel in your professional and personal life.


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