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Andy Rich | BizDev3.0 | Philadelphia, PA

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We’re all motivated by different things. Some people may be motivated by money, while others may be motivated by feeling valued. And then there are some who are fired up purely by internal pride and self-affirmation. Wherever you draw your energy from, and whatever you feel your purpose is, it shapes the way you approach your business, and ultimately accelerates or undermines your success.

While your source of motivation is not ultimately important, understanding your relationship to it is. Below are three benefits of how understanding your motivators can positively impact your success.

1. Strengthens Work Ethic

A coach or mentor can harp day and night about the importance of putting in the work necessary to be successful, but until you can understand it yourself, it won’t matter. Being able to comprehend the basic motivation behind the tasks you perform will allow you to work harder towards accomplishing them.

If you’re struggling to optimize your effectiveness, begin practicing habits that remind you of your internal motivation. These practices can come in the form of hanging a mission statement at your desk, utilizing a vision board, or even creating a mantra that you remind yourself of daily. By reiterating the reasons behind your actions, you’ll be less likely to skirt important responsibilities.

2. Helps Maintain Momentum

If getting started is the most challenging stretch of the path to success, following through and maintaining your speed is a close second.

If you’re better able to understand what ultimately drives you to be successful, you’ll be more capable of knowing how to get back on the horse after the dismounts that occur in a long and successful sales career. By grounding yourself in your initial beliefs and desire to perform to the best of your abilities, you’ll more easily refill your tank when you feel you’re running low. Amid rigors of an up-and-down sales career, the ability to bounce back from harsh defeat is many times the difference between success and failure.

3. Allows Support from Others

Motivation doesn’t need to be a completely internal or individual exercise. If others (mentors, teammates, peers) have a better understanding of what you’re motivated by, they’ll have a better chance of cheering you on and helping you accomplish your goals.

The only way that others will understand your motivations is if you completely understand them yourself, and can effectively communicate them when necessary. If you’re not taking steps to do so already, begin incorporating discussions surrounding your motivators into accountability meetings. Allowing others to understand what drives you to be successful will allow them to help you in ways that are otherwise not possible.

Knowing the root of your motivation is a major key to realizing ultimate success. If you can determine what makes you tick, it will allow you to improve your work ethic, recharge your batteries, and give others a better chance at moving you towards your objectives.

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