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Andy Rich | BizDev3.0 | Philadelphia, PA

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Dave Mattson, President and CEO of Sandler Training, interviews Chris Underwood, the most recent winner of CBS’s Survivor, on how he used Sandler sales techniques to win the show and win more deals. Chris attends Sandler Training in Chicago. To get started learning the Sandler techniques that Chris used to win the show, click here to download our free resources. In this episode:

  • How Survivor actually works – a behind the scenes view
  • How Chris is the only player to be voted out of Survivor and win in the same season
  • The Sandler I/R model and how that helped Chris win Survivor
  • Chris explains his sales background
  • You don’t have to know everything about Sandler’s sales methods before you start using them\A great sports analogy on how Sandler training works
  • The two main things from this podcast you can implement today for your success

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The How to Succeed Podcast is a public and free podcast from Sandler Training, the worldwide leader in sales, management, and customer service training for individuals all the way up to Fortune 500 companies with over 250 locations around the globe.

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