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Andy Rich | BizDev3.0 | Philadelphia, PA

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Are you ready to revolutionize your approach to sales training?

Lisa Ellis, the Head of Product at Sandler, joins the podcast to explore the transformative power of collaborative learning in modern education and sales training. Lisa is a powerhouse of knowledge, sharing her insights on learner autonomy and how to create a learning environment that values and utilizes what each individual brings to the table. She brings to light the importance of different contexts for learning and how giving people choices shapes their learning journey.

We also dive into how Sandler's Sales Development Series has been reimagined to incorporate these concepts for the best possible learning outcomes for our clients.

Moving from the theoretical to the practical, we talk about how these principles apply to sales training. We break down the benefits of engaging content and the power of role-play in enhancing information retention.

With Lisa's expert guidance, we explore engagement ideas for virtual instructor-led sessions and discover the innovative 'trap exercises,' pattern interrupts, and other education best practices she and her team have built into the new Sales Development Series.

We explore the role of collaboration within the sales team, with the managers and leaders, and with your Sandler coach to get the best results and return on investment, so tune in and join us in relaunching the classic Sandler sales training through the lens of collaborative learning.




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