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Are you looking to drive faster in decision-making in sales?

In this episode, Sandler coach Brian Jackson discusses how to succeed at driving faster decisions in sales.

He emphasizes the importance of understanding the difference between false, self-serving deadlines and real deadlines that prospects have a personal and emotional investment in.

Jackson suggests letting go of personal ego and asking clients when they need to make a decision and why that date is important to them. He also highlights the damaging effects of conditioning prospects to expect discounts and incentives at the end of the quarter.

Take action now to understand the importance of real deadlines and let go of personal ego in order to drive faster decisions in sales.

Key Topics & Timestamps

  • 00:02:20 - The Paradox of Selling
  • 00:06:31 - Building Trust in Sales
  • 00:09:20 - Multiple Decision-Makers in Sales
  • 00:10:47 - Individual Decision-Making
  • 00:15:28 - Creating Urgency in Sales
  • 00:17:23 - Trust-Building Sales Strategies
  • 00:23:19 - Elite Salespeople
  • 00:23:44 - Building Trust in Business
  • 00:27:27 - Financial Impact on Decision-Making

Key Takeaways

  • The emphasis is on the use of technology to drive decisions faster and more efficiently.
  • It is highly important to be specific and clear in planning and scheduling.
  • Setting specific times and dates for follow-up meetings or appointments can help ensure progress.
  • Asking specific questions about deadlines and having contingency plans in place is significant.
  • Understanding the urgency and importance of deadlines is crucial in driving faster decisions.



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