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Andy Rich | BizDev3.0 | Philadelphia, PA

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Do your emails get tossed in the trash before they're even opened?

Our guest, Jay Schwedelson, a globally-acclaimed subject line expert on email marketing and the genius behind, tells us why a captivating subject line might be your missing piece in this puzzle.

Get ready to explore the world of effective email marketing as Jay breaks down the importance of crafting an impactful subject line and the power it holds in deciding the fate of your email.

We talk about strategies and timing in email marketing. Jay enlightens us about the art of timing emails for optimal results. Plus, we delve into different email audiences and the need to cater to their distinct preferences.

Did we mention that Jay believes that unsubscribes can be beneficial? Yes, you're reading it right!

Jay shares his secret techniques to maximize the performance of your email campaigns. Discover how a simple "PS" can significantly improve your click-through rate. Get to know why language and timing on buttons and links should be personalized to boost engagement. Also, learn about the importance of owning your "email real estate" and why it's the only method to reach your entire audience effectively.

As a cherry on top, we explore the power of HubSpot's Inbound conference and how to catch Mike and Jay live on the biggest sales and marketing stages in Boston this fall.

Key Topics & Timestamps

0:00:02 - Mastering Email Marketing and Subject Lines

  • Jay Schwedelson shares attitudes and trends in email marketing, emphasizing the importance of a great subject line and personalization for success.

0:09:57 - Email Marketing Behaviors

  • Jay Schwedelson shares email marketing tactics, timing, and why unsubscribes are beneficial.

0:17:27 - Email Marketing Techniques

  • Jay Schwedelson shares tips to maximize email campaigns, including using "PS" for a 14% click-through rate, timing, and tailored language.


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