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Mike Montague interviews Janice Lintz on How to Succeed at Changing the World. Janice Schacter Lintz is a passionate, accomplished hearing loss consultant and advocate. She is well known and respected for her ability to assess situations, identify areas for improvement, recommend solutions, and implement programs that help organizations improve customer service and grow profits. Her ability to break down issues and do what is needed to affect change has earned her unprecedented access to business leaders, government officials, political leaders, and respected academians around the world. 

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Learn more about hearing access at:  

In this episode:

  • The best attitude, behavior and technique on how to succeed at changing the world
  • How Janice is changing the world
  • Find the right lever - pain points
  • Follow up
  • In the subject line of your email put the number request
  • Dress and act professionally
  • Don’t rant
  • Give a turnkey solution and make it easy for them to say yes
  • Keep a communication log
  • Use photos to prove your points
  • Janice’s definition of success
  • Never waste a crisis




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