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Prepare to revolutionize your understanding of customer education as we sit down with Courtney Sembler, Director of the HubSpot Academy.

We venture on an informative journey, tracing the remarkable evolution of customer education from the 1980s to the present day. We shatter myths and misconceptions that have formed around it while highlighting its essential role in effective sales, marketing, and customer onboarding.

Delve into the fascinating world of AI and how it's reshaping personalized customer experiences.

We explore how to stay ahead of disruption through continuous learning and staying connected. We then venture into the realm of content creation, discussing the merits and drawbacks of different content formats, from long-form to podcasts.

Finally, we turn our attention to effective customer education strategies, discussing ways to repurpose content and use AI tools to create engaging short videos. As we wrap up, Courtney shares valuable lessons from her career, discussing her mantra 'move forward always' and her favorite quote 'no design is small'. She opens up about her biggest failure and how it shaped her leadership style. So, join us on this exciting journey and walk away with insights from Courtney's rich experience in the customer education space.

Key Topics & Timestamps

0:00:20 - The New Age of Customer Education

  • Courtney Stemler discusses customer education evolution, myths, marketing, sales, and onboarding.

0:06:58 - Continuous Learning and Personalization With AI

  • Learning, staying connected, AI personalization, asking questions, content types, and engagement are discussed to stay ahead of disruption.

0:11:35 - Effective Customer Education Strategies and Formats

  • We review repurposing content, using AI tools, different formats for learners, and the value of in-person events.

0:17:47 - Benefits and Strategies of Customer Education

  • Combine different training formats, use microlearning, provide value before extracting value, and review adult learning basics.

0:27:08 - Lessons Learned and Growth in Career

  • Courtney Stemler shares her mantra, discusses her biggest failure, and offers advice to Inbound attendees.

Join Courtney and Mike at HubSpot's Inbound Conference, September 5-8th in Boston, MA: 


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