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Andy Rich | BizDev3.0 | Philadelphia, PA

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Let’s explore the intricacies of mastering Sandler tactics skillfully and understanding the tactics triangle with the seasoned Sandler trainer, Jim Dunn, hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Discover tactics that are not just tools, but rather a philosophy that hinges on authentic communication, mutual understanding, and empathic engagement.

Join us, we will show you how to approach sales with empathy, authenticity, and a genuine desire to understand the unique needs of each prospect.

Key Topics & Timestamps

  • 00:00:20 - How to Use Sandler Tactics Skillfully
  • 00:03:32 - How to Ask Good Questions
  • 00:08:42 - If You Think It or Feel It, Say It
  • 00:16:03 - Reversing the Curiosity Curve
  • 00:20:47 - When to Use the Softening Statement and Question
  • 00:26:06 - How Do You Define Success?
  • 00:29:01 - The Negative Reverse Sell Concept and How It Can Be Applied to Sales

Key Takeaways

  • The foundation of effective sales communication lies in genuine curiosity and active listening.
  • The curiosity curve is a powerful tool for keeping prospects engaged.
  • Negative reverse selling helps you challenge the prospect's assumptions or expectations in a non-confrontational manner.
  • Self-awareness helps you gauge when to deploy specific tactics and maintain a genuine connection.
  • Successful sales conversations are not scripted monologues but dynamic dialogues.
  • The tactics triangle emphasizes building relationships based on trust and understanding.
  • The more you seek to understand, the better equipped you are to offer tailored solutions.



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