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Andy Rich | BizDev3.0 | Philadelphia, PA

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In today’s episode, it is our greatest privilege to have a very special guest, Holly Hunt, who has spent over 17 years in the telecom and tech industries.

Holly has not only garnered numerous accolades but has also broken barriers as a woman in business and sales. With her wealth of experience, she's here to share her insights on how she has thrived as a woman in a male-dominated industry.

Join us as we realize the importance of resilience, empowerment, and fostering a sense of belonging in the professional sphere to drive success.

Key Topics & Timestamps

  • 00:00:16 - Introduction
  • 00:01:53 - What She Loves About Her Career
  • 00:06:38 - Advice for Young Women in Business
  • 00:12:11 - What Successful Business Women Do That Men Don't
  • 00:18:06 - How to Know When to Let the Balls Drop
  • 00:22:28 - Recognize and Stay in Tune With Yourself
  • 00:26:53 - How to Define Success for Yourself

Key Takeaways

  • Embrace authenticity and gain confidence to excel in any role, regardless of stereotypes or expectations.
  • Seek out role models and mentors to guide your journey.
  • Create safe spaces and support networks, fostering a community where women can share experiences and learn from one another.
  • Focus on leaving a positive impact on others and making a lasting difference, both personally and professionally.
  • Face obstacles with resilience and determination, using setbacks as stepping stones toward success.
  • Success has different seasons, and it's essential to manage your energy and time effectively.
  • Engage with support groups, mentors, and colleagues to combat isolation and build a strong sense of community.
  • Foster a culture of open communication, where individuals can express their needs and challenges without fear.
  • Trust in your abilities and don't hesitate to contribute your ideas and insights.
  • Sharing experiences and knowledge accelerates personal and professional growth while creating a culture of mutual support.
  • Measure success by the positive impact you make on others and the legacy you leave behind.



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